During these troublesome times our minds, bodies and spirits are overwhelmed with all that is going on in the world. Many of us who are empaths experience this feeling of weight or burden. We often feel helpless and frustrated. Some of us carry trauma from past (or present) abusive/toxic relationships. Some of us have lost loved ones. All this heaviness can take a toll on our vitality. This is where self care is of extreme importance. Our vitality is what makes us who we are as unique individuals. Our vital essence is what drives us to be; to live; to exist. Now to get to the point of the matter (excuse the long intro)...all this has been on my mind lately. The heart center is what I would like to focus on as it connects to the mind body and spirit. When we tend to our heart center, we raise our vitality. Instead of pouring from an empty cup, we feel full of gratitude and mindfulness. When we lift ourselves up, we can better tend to others that we care about (whether it’s another human, animal, plant or even an object). One plant that seems to be responding to the resounding emotional cry to the universe from the collective is rose. Rose speaks directly to the heart as it supports circulatory function. The rosa rugosa bush that grows outside my house has been abundant this month of June. It is amazing how plants have this innate intelligence. The plant was practically screaming at me to make heart medicine. I will be offering a glycerite tincture as well as a kit specific for gentle, heart-centered emotional support.